Collory Baking Mat - bones big 7cm

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Get baking yourself with these lovely baking mats from Collory.

With these baking mats from Collory, baking treats for your dog becomes super easy. Not only is it super fun to do, your dog will love it as well!

· All baking mats fit a standard baking tray
· 100% food grade platinum silicone 
· BPA-free 
· Tempered: Free from pollutants 
· Odourless and tasteless 
· Temperature resistance: -40°C ~ +240°C
· Dimensions baking mats total: approx. 39 x 26 cm
· Maximum non-stick coating - nothing sticks!
· Dishwasher safe 
· Reusable

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Info: BPA-free  // Temperature resistance: -40°C ~ +240°C // Non-stick coating //Dishwasher safe 
Sizes: Dimensions baking mats total: approx. 39 x 26cm // Size treats: 7cm
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