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Fritz & Hammy's about us


Hi there furiends and hoomans!

My name is Dorothea, but you can call me Dot. Together with my little big friend Mr. Hamilton (you can call him Hammy) I opened the webshop Fritz & Hammy’s.

Fritz & Hammy were 2 brothers. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our sweetest friend Fritz a couple of years ago. In the beloved memory of him and everything he loved, Fritz & Hammy’s was founded.

It all began with Fritz and Hammy their love for my homemade peanut butter cookies. They were absolutely crazy about those!

Healthy dog food is all over the news these days and that’s when I started thinking about healthy treats as well.

Homemade freshly baked dog ​​biscuits, without any preservatives and without artificially added flavours. And that's how I came up with the idea of starting a healthy doggy ​​bakery for all of Fritz and Hammy's furry friends.

When putting my idea into practise, new ideas arose quickly. Besides The Bakery, we opened The Shop. In this webshop for dogs you will find all kinds of fun, unique items that are (most importantly) comfortable for your dog. We also keep an eye open to the ecological aspect as much as possible.

Lastly, in our blog you will find fun and delicious recipes to start baking for your dog yourself, interesting stories and super useful tips.

Have fun at Fritz & Hammys!

Warm woofs

Dot & Hammy