DIY Pupsicles: Make your own doggy Ice-cream!

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DIY Pupsicles: Make your own doggy Ice-cream!

This delicious ice-cream pupsicles are made with Greek yoghurt and fruit. They’re super easy and fun to make and I’m sure your pawfriend will love them as a cooling snack on a hot day.
You can either put them in an ice-cream mold, a treat ball or you can make ice cubes!

And we even have a version for yourself ^^

· 100g dog-safe fruit (we used a mix of berries)
· Some extra pieces of fruit
· 2x100g of Greek yoghurt
· 3/4 tablespoon of honey
· 3/4 tablespoon of peanut butter for dogs

How to:
1. Put the fruit in a blender and add 100g of Greek yoghurt
2. Combine with the honey and peanut butter
3. Pour into the molds, alternating between the mixture with fruit and the plain yoghurt.
4. While pouring: add some pieces of fruit.
5. Put in the freezer for approximately 6hours.
6. Take the pupsicle out of the mold.

! Hold the pupsicle under running water before serving it to your dog. !  

HINT: make a version for yourself by leaving out the peanut butter and adding 3 extra tablespoons of honey.


Not in the mood to make them yourself? Try our Ice-Cream Mixture or our ready to freeze Paw Pops! ^^



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