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Smeck Smeck, Lick Lick! Your furry friend will definitely enjoy the LickiMat!

Lickimats are fun and high-quality licking mats for both dogs and cats. It helps to reduce fear and boredom. It helps to calm and soothe your pet by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking. It is a super fun activity for your dog or cat and you can use the Lickimat to spread snacks or as a slow feeder.

The Lickimat Buddy is perfect for chunky treats such as wet food, mashed carrots or apple sauce
This TUFF version is extra strong (ideal if your dog chews on everything) and dishwasher proof! You can also put the Lickimat in the freezer or microwave.

Licking the treat of the lickimat slowly is not only joyfull for your four-legged friend, it also improves the digestion and reduces bloating or abdominal cramps. The licking action generates saliva that helps protect your pet’s teeth and gums, and can aid digestion as saliva contains enzymes such as Amylase. The natural rubber surface also scrapes food particles and odour causing bacteria off your pet’s tongue, promoting fresher breath.


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Benefits: Reduces anxiety & boredom. // Improves digestion and reduces abdominal cramps. // Provides healthy gums and a fresh breath.
Different LickiMats: Soother: perfect for runny treats. // Buddy: perfect for chunky treats & wet food. // Classic: soft material & hand wash // Tuff: chew-safe & dishwasher safe
Popular Spreads: Favorite wet food, yogurt, peanut butter (without xylitol), minced meat, canned fish (eg sardines, tuna, salmon, ...), pureed vegetables or fruit (eg sweet potato, banana, apple, carrot, ... ), milk, grated cheese, Philadelphia cheese, gravy,...
Info: made from non-toxic food grade TPR // 20 x 20 cm/ 8″ x 8″ // Suitable for all dogs and cats (supervise pet for first few times until sure they will not chew mat) // Freezer safe & Microwave friendly// Classic: handwash & Tuff: dishwasher safe
| Melissa

A BIG succes!
My dogs love this and it kept them ocupied for awhile.
It's very easy to clean just by hand.

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