Doggo Donuts with Carrot, Apple & Peanut Butter (per 3 or per 6) | gluten free

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JUMMY delicious Doggo Donuts!

These donuts for dogs are made with gluten-free oatmeal, oat flakes, apple, carrot, peanut butter and honey. The topping from the doggy donuts is made from carob powder, this is a chocolate substitute that is completely safe for dogs and comes from the carob tree.

At Fritz & Hammy's Doggy Bakery we don't use any artificial colors, fragrances or flavors. The donuts for dogs are freshly baken upon every order and need to be consumed within 4-5 days after receiving your package, but we bet that won't be a problem ;).


Ingredients: Oat flour, peanut butter, carrot, apple, honey, egg substitute, olive oil, carob powder, cinnamon.
Weight: Net weight: +/- 40g/ donut
Feeding Guide: Complementary feed for dogs. Give +/- 1 donut a day depending on the weight of your dog.
Shelf-life: The donuts are freshly baked upon every order. They need to be consumed within 4-5 days.
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