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Noboddy likes to carry a gross and stinky waste/poo bag, luckily our Poo Buddies come to the rescue!

You can cllip the Poo Buddy to your dog's leash and keep your hands clean and free!

· +/- 6cm
· Durable, lightweight, waterproof and tear-proof rubber
· Metal clip attaches to your dog's leash
· How to use: Tie a knot on your poop bag and push the knot completely through the center star-shaped area. Once it is securely through, clip your Poop Buddy onto your leash and enjoy your hands-free walk!

product will be shipped by the end of June at the latest. If you want to receive the rest of your order sooner, place 2 orders or send us a message. You can order this product through Mailbox Shipping.


Info:  +/- 6cm //  Durable, lightweight, waterproof and tear-proof rubber
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