Slip-On Bandana | Cornflower Cloudy

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This light blue flanel makes the perfect outfit for an easy sunny day!


Slip-on bandanas easily slide over your dog's collar. The bandanas are handmade out of high quality fabric. If you have a fluffy dog, choose a larger size. 

· Small - 11,5cm L x 14cm H  
· Small/Medium - 18cm L x 14cm H
· Medium - 22cm L x 16,5cm H                    
· Large - 25,5cm L x 19cm H

Does your dog often roll in the dirt? (I know Hammy does…) No worries! You can wash our bandanas for dogs at 30°C. Ideally, put them in a laundry bag and just hang them on the line to dry.


Tip: Also check out our matching collars and bow ties! 

*Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight variances in pattern placement and size may occur.


Characteristics: Bandana handmade from flanel fabric. Your pet's safety is our priority. Do not allow your dog to play with the bandana and do not leave him unattended while wearing the bandana. Never use the bandana as a collar and do not attach toys or name tags on it.
Care: Washable at 30°C, preferably in a laundry bag. Hang on the line to dry.
Shipping: Our bandanas are handmade upon every order. This is how we want to prevent the waste of any fabric. Please keep in mind that shipping for these items will take a little bit longer.
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