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The most environment friendly dog poo bags

Zero waste, Home-Compostable Dog Poo Bags made from non-genetically modified cornstarch.

These Home-compostable poop bags are made from non-genetically modified corn starch and can be composted at home or disposed as usual. They completely biodegrade back to their natural elements and therefore contibrute to a better planet with less pollution.

The bags are attached on a roll of recycled cardboard that -just like the packaging- is 100% recyclable.

The poop bags are extra large (33 x 22 cm) and can therefore handle some seriously big poops! The material is thick and the seams are strong so you know you can rely on them everytime.

· Certified Compostable
· Easy to open
· FSC Packaging
· 1% for the Planet
· Fun Colours

The package contains 4 rolls of each 15 poo bags. So 60 bags in total.


· Material: Compostable poop bags on a roll of recycled cardboard.
· Size: 33 x 22 cm
· Characteristics: Extra big and strong in order to avoid unpleasant surprises!
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