Blue Raincoat for Dogs with hood | Ferribiella

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The fisherman coats are back and now you can style your dog with one as well!

Does your dog also hate walks in rainy weather? And aren't you exactly fond of a smelly wet dog either? Then spoil your pooch with this cute jacket from the Italian luxury brand Ferribiella and protect him/her from the rain!

The outside of the raincoat is made of waterproof, synthetic leather. The inner lining is made from a cotton-spandex mix (94% cotton and 6% spandex).

There is a hole in the raincoat to put on your dog's leash and one for your dog's wagging tail. An elastic hood also protects the head from becomming wet. The jacket is suitable for both smaller and larger dogs. Have a look at the size chart below send us a message if you have any questions!


Tip: The raincoat is also available in yellow!


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Material: Waterproof, synthetic leather with inner lining of 94% cotton and 6% spandex.
Characteristics: Soft elastic band and hood for extra protection. // Hole for the leash and tail. // Velcro to adjust coat around the belly.

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