Collory Baking Mat Recipe 1: Potato starch & Cottage Cheese

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Collory Baking Mat Recipe 1: Potato starch & Cottage Cheese

Do you also wanna try making dogtreats for your dog? With the Collory baking mats your dogtreats will be done in no time! It's super fun to make and your dog will love it. We will regularly share new recipes with you to make your own dog treats with these baking mats.

This recipe to make your own dog biscuits with the Collory baking mat has Potato Starch and Cottage Cheese as main ingredients.

1. / Mix the eggs, cottage cheese, oil and salt and put the mixture in a blender.

2. / Add the potato starch and blend it again. Add potato starch until the mixture has the same consistency as pancake batter.

3. / Pour the batter into your molds and shake the mold back and forth distribute the mixture. This way you avoid air bubbles in your homemade dog biscuits.

4. / Place in the oven on fan 180°C for 20-35min depending on which molds you use. The large biscuits in the 7cm molds should take much longer to bake (about 40 minutes).

5. / Turn off the oven and let the cookies dry out in the oven for a while.



Credits: Collory S. Braun & Britta Felski