Homemade Apple Crisps for Dogs

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Homemade Apple Crisps for Dogs

These Crispy Apple Snacks are literally the easiest treat you can make for your dog. If your dog is a fruit lover (s)he will be really fond of these little bites. The cinnamon and ginger make them extra jummy and above all, they're super healthy. When I make them, both Hammy and I enjoy them ^^!


2 apples 

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp ginger powder



Use an apple corer to remove the apple core. Make sure all the seeds are removed.




Cut the apple in thin slices of 0,5cm.



Sprinkle some cinnamon and ginger powder over the apple slices.


STEP 4: 

Put a skewer through the holes of the apple slices and arrange them on a wired rack.




Bake in de oven on fan 90° for +/- 5hours. Afterwards turn the oven off but leave them in the turned off oven for a couple of hours until they're completely dried out. That's how they become crispy. You can experiment a bit with the thickness of the slices and how long you keep them in the oven depending on what your dogs prefers: crispy our chewy apple slices.



Store in an airtight container.



! Did you know both cinnamon and ginger powder are very healthy for your pet?


Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties, slows down bacterial growth, and can even help older and obese dogs fight the risk of contracting diabetes by regulating blood sugar and raising their insulin resistance.


Ginger contains many antioxidants that can support dogs with motion sickness, blood circulation, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, and bloat. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and also helps dogs with arthritis.