How does daylight savings time affect your pet?

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How does daylight savings time affect your pet?

This weekend we're adjusting our clocks again due to daylight savings time. Many among us will be needing that extra shot of caffeine. But what about your pet? Does this affect your dog or cat as well? Yes it does.

When turning the clock back or forward, we often forget that this can confuse our pets. We suddenly wake them up earlier, they get their food at a different time, you leave the house an hour earlier, etc.

Dogs vs. Cats

The same rule applies for both humans and pets: some are more bothered by this than others. However, having a routine is a very important for your dog.

Dogs generally adapt quite easily to their owner. So if you're not bothered by this change in hour, chances are that your dog will have fewer problems with this as well.

Cats on the other hand, are very dependent on the daylight. If they are suddenly awakened while it's still dark, or suddenly get their food when it's still bright outside, they often get confused.

Hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs are less bothered because they are generally less dependent on their owner. Is you hamster very attached to you? Make sure to give them a step-by-step transition as well.

A step-by-step transition can help!

You still have a couple of days before we switch to daylight savings time. Now is the time to slowly adjust your pet.

Instead of suddenly taking your pet out of his/her warm bed an hour earlier, you should wake them 10-15 minutes earlier each day for the next couple of days.
Try the same for their feeding time. Offer them their food 15 minutes earlier every day, this way they will be less confused this weekend.


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